Great live music for memorable weddings

Dreambird Music provides affordable and flexible wedding live band packages. Contact us about our promotional rates for 2018 and 2019 weddings today.
One of Singapore's most talented wedding singer, Ariel Yumetori offers an endless repertoire of jazz, Top 40s, classics and Asian pop/classics, which will please every guest at your reception.

Two is better than one

Dreambird Music's wedding singer and pianist combination nails every wedding live music performance with flair and sophistication.


Our unique chemistry and strong musicality allows us to perform 

jazz, easy-listening Top 40s pop, classics and Asian pop with ease and beauty. 

So find out more about what our live band can bring to your wedding.

We seek to dazzle your guests

As an experienced wedding live band, we have been serving newly weds since 2003. At weddings, we have been asked to perform every mainstream genre including as Asian pop. Our wedding singer is also a seasoned wedding emcee so no need to fret about finding someone to volunteer for this job!


Our strong arsenal of music repertoire and high-quality sound systems also mean that we can set up swiftly at any ballroom or wedding and event venue, even at very short notice. 

One step towards sophistication

Our live band aims to bring sophistication to your wedding receptions with artfully delivered interpretations of jazz, pop, Mandopop, Cantopop, Japanese and Korean pop music!

Your guests will be amazed by our ability to engage and enchant through music.

Tap our network of talents

Our live band is supported by a network of talented musicians and singers who can rise to the occasion whenever they are called in.

Likewise, we are well-regarded and trusted in the music industry and strive to give the best service to maintain our reputation as dependable, talented and committed live music provider.

Our Wedding Live Music Services include:

Wedding Singer 

Wedding Emcee

Wedding Live Band

Wedding Music Duo

Rental of Sound Systems

Wedding Live Music Packages

Our clients engage our services for:

Wedding Banquets

Wedding Lunch Receptions

Holy Matrimony Ceremonies

ROM Solemnisation and Celebrations

Wedding Parties and Celebrations

Wedding Anniversaries and Entertainment

“We had a great time and the music was good... Thanks for the awesome job and professionalism!”

— A & C, 30 Oct 2016

“Thanks once again for the wonderful singing and MC! Love the songs you picked for the wedding banquet. Thanks Ariel for being such a good emcee!”

— L & C, 27 Nov 2016

Wedding Live Band Singapore
Wedding Live Band Singapore
Wedding Live Band Singapore
Wedding Live Band Singapore
Wedding Live Band Singapore
Wedding Live Band Singapore
Wedding Live Band Singapore
Wedding Live Band Singapore