More questions?

Why book a live band?

A good live music band entertains you and your guests. If the band is helmed by professionals, it can set the right tone and mood for your event, whether wedding or corporate celebrations.

Event organisers and newlyweds engage experienced live bands to help facilitate conversations with their guests, through song dedications and banter. There is no dull moment with a good live band on stage.

Lead singers can also provide emcee services, and ensure that key ceremonies are conducted with poise and elegance.

Why engage Dreambird Music?

We are established, experienced and enthusiastic about serving our clients with music.


We possess more than a decade's worth of performing experience in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

We listen to our clients and customise our performing style according to their requirements.

We are trusted by our clients to perform at and host weddings and events with. 


Performing and emceeing aside, we have also been commissioned by event organisers and wedding couples to pen original music for their receptions.

Are your live band packages expensive?

Our live band packages are flexible enough to suit every customer's requirements.


Email or call us to find out more!

Which genres do you perform?

We perform Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Japanese, Korean and any Asian pop, as well as English Top 40s, jazz, R&B, and classics!

We let our clients choose the songs they desire for their special events, including songs for the first and second march-in, first dish presentations and first dance.

About Our Extensive Repertoire

What services are included in the packages?

Our live band packages are incomparable in terms of quality of service and include:


Essential music equipment, i.e. professional performing microphone, high-end digital piano, music stands, mixer & monitoring system for the performers.

Two sets of 45 minutes' worth of live band performance (total 90 minutes)


Basic emcee service to facilitate your march-in ceremonies, yumseng and other important parts of your programme.

Any optional services?

Some clients prefer better quality sound systems to support the band's performances. We provide a high-fidelity sound system that puts other bands to shame at a reasonable price, depending on the size of the venue.


Songwriting and rehearsals packages for more musically-inclined couples.


Song recording services to safeguard your precious tunes and inspiration.​