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Burning questions?

We put up some of your frequently asked questions here. Feel free to contact us to check on issues we might have missed out here!

Why doesn't your website list more singers?

Dreambird Music is not an agency. Ariel and Ian founded Dreambird Music so clients can focus on getting the popular duo and our team for their events. We do engage fellow singers and musicians who share our extremely high standards for live performances, but Dreambird Music's dynamic Ariel+Ian is still the core of every band lineup.


I don't know what I need for my event.

That's totally alright. Call us for a chat and let us tease out your preferences and requirements. We have done this for so long that we know what might work for you and your guests!


Are you a bilingual live band?

We are a MULTILINGUAL live band who sing and perform all your favourite hits in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Japanese, Korean and even Bahasa Indonesia. 


Ariel Yumetori doesn't seem to be fluent in Mandarin.

You will be surprised. Ariel is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. She also sings authentically in Hokkien, Japanese and Korean. After all, she is a graduate of a famous Mandopop singer training programme that produced top-notch artistes like JJ Lim, Kit Chan and Ah Du.


Will I get to choose the songs even if some of there are not on your repertoire?

Absolutely. Just let us know in advance so we can deepen our mastery of these songs!

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